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WDX Wind Digital Camu Blue

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31,000 LL

WIND is the ideal garment for outdoor sports or, quite simply, protecting yourself from cold, It is seamless and made from polyester microfibres, soft, light and with great elasticity, ensures both comfort and breathability.

Ideal garment to practice any outdoor activity: running, hiking, climbing, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling, etc. as well as daily clothing accessory.


  • Technical characteristics: Made from 100% high tech polyester guarantees heat isolation and breathability.
  • Seamless: Avoids uncomfortable rubbing.
  • Protection against cold: The technology behind its designs makes it a highly efficient heat insulator against wind and cold, preserving body heat.
  • Breathable: As well as outer protection, its inner surface enables perspiration to transpire.
  • Sanitized®: No bacteria, no odor.