Wallykazam! Season 1 2014

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WALLYKAZAM! is the story of a 6-year-old troll named Wally (voiced by Thomas Langston), who uses a magic stick to create objects from the words it projects. Wally and his trusty pet dragon, Norville (Dan Bittner), love to play in the forest with their friends, and when their adventures encounter challenges, they use their knowledge of letters and words to create solutions for themselves. But, wait -- there's a trick to the magic! Each of the words has to follow the day's rule, whether it's an identical starting letter or a rhyming sound.

4 nominations.

24min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Stars: Dan Bittner, Thomas Langston, Jorge Vega
Creator: Adam Peltzman
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Rating: TV-Y