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Tupac: The Complete Live Performances 1996

10,000 LL
SKU #Death Row tupac The Complete Live performances 13 concerts*

This special two-disc set brings together the only two live performances by Tupac Shakur that were ever filmed. The House Of Blues show from 1996 was released as a stand alone DVD last year, and is now combined in this set with the never before seen show from Club 662 in Las Vegas, also filmed in 1996 on the day of his release from prison. In contrast to the many "story of" DVDs of Tupac available, this set is the definitive live experience of Tupac at his very best in front of a live audience.

3h 26min | Music

Stars: Tupac Shakur
:  J. Kevin Swain
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated