Tom and Jerry: Mouse Trouble Season 1 2014

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Look at what the cat and mouse dragged in! It’s an all-new collection featuring 30 hilarious Tom & Jerry episodes for the whole family to enjoy! So get ready for a rowdy reunion when Jerry’s Uncle Pecos comes to visit in Cry Uncle. Cat got your tongue? Maybe its Cat Got Your Luggage? when Tom works as a bellhop in a fancy hotel, but Jerry is a guest who’s sure to overstay his welcome. Then watch things go from funhouse to madhouse when Tom and fellow feline Butch are both on the hunt for Jerry in A Mouse in the House. So sit back, relax, and hide the frying pans and mousetraps, this one is going to be a laugh riot!

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50min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: Clarence Nash, Sara Berner, Harry E. Lang
Creator: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle