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TinTin: Les Cigares Du Pharaon - Le Lotus Bleu 1991

5,000 LL
SKU #Tin Tin Les Cigares Du Pharaon - Le Lotus Bleu 11 French Cartoon*

While on vacation in Egypt, Tintin is accused of drug smuggling and later becomes the target of a secret society.After learning about the opium being smuggled from India, Tintin heads over there in a plane he stole from an Arabic army that was in cahoots with the syndicate. Once he arrives there, he encounters Dr. Sarcophagus and asked him what has happened to him. Unfortunately the doctor isn't himself and is suffering from a poison that causes a him to go mad and not be able to think straight. Tintin had no choice but to seek medical help for the doctor, only to discover that there are syndicate members out to get rid of him.

2h | Animation, Adventure, Crime

Stars: Colin O'Meara, Thierry Wermuth, David Fox
Director: Stéphane Bernasconi
Language: English | French | Spanish
Subtitle: English | French | Spanish
Rating: Not Rated