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The Divide Season 1 2014

15,000 LL
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In the first season of this legal drama, Christine Rosa, an impassioned caseworker with the Innocence Initiative, tries to exonerate Terry Kucik , a man she believes was wrongly convicted of brutally killing an African American family in their Philadelphia home. As she embarks on a tricky and complicated search to find the real killer, her quest for justice puts her at odds with the city's corrupt and powerful. She faces opposition from prominent district attorney Adam Page, who built his career and reputation on this case, and fears that someone is trying to take all that away from him. As he struggles between doing what is right and doing what is best for his family's future, he worries about the influence a crooked bigwig has on his wife Billie, a corporate lawyer, and his father Isaiah, who is the police commissioner.

1 nomination.

44min | Drama, Thriller

Stars: Damon Gupton, Marin Ireland, Nia Long
Creator: Tony Goldwyn, Richard LaGravenese
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated