Taken Season 1 2017

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The drama series, based on the film trilogy of the same name, serves as an origin story for the events depicted in the movies, though set in the modern day. Series 1 follows the life of Bryan Mills (Clive Standen), a former Green Beret, and his beginnings as an intelligence operative. Mills' sister is killed in a shootout with two terrorists sent by Carlos Mejia, a Mexican drug lord, whose son was killed by Mills during one of his missions. Mills manages to get to Mejia and is about to kill him when Christina Hart (Jennifer Beals), Deputy Director of National Intelligence, arrests Mejia and recruits Mills into her team. As the series progresses, the team investigates several terrorist plots using information provided by Mejia, while men loyal to the drug lord try to find a way to break him out of his cell and Mills devises a plan to avenge his sister's death.

41min | Action, Drama, Thriller

Stars: Clive Standen, Jennifer Beals, Gaius Charles
Creator: Alexander Cary, Luc Besson
Language: English
Subtitle: English | Arabic
Rating: TV-14