Splitting Up Together Season 1 2018

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The series chronicles what happens when a couple's marriage is suddenly reignited by their divorce. The couple has three kids who live in the house with one parent on alternating weeks while the other parent lives as a single person who stays in the garage apartment in back of the house. The garage-dwelling, "single" partner is free to date while having no responsibilities in the house or for the children. The "parent" partner is free to preside over the house and family as he or she deems best. Each week the parents learn a little bit more about what it is they are lacking in the parenting and "romantic" parts of their lives and in doing so become better parents (during their parenting week) and better romantic partners (during their single week). Often the insight they gain allows them to see why their spouse felt unhappy in the marriage thus helping them to improve as a person. This increasingly improved person they become also becomes slightly more alluring to their ex-spouse making their complete separation seem less likely.

30min | Comedy

Stars: Olivia Keville, Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson
Creator: Emily Kapnek
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Rating: TV-PG