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Sociopathia 2015

12,000 LL
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Introverted and peculiar, Mara spends her days fabricating props for movies. But her reclusive persona conceals an internal wrath. Terrified of being alone, Mara refuses to let her lovers leave, sadistically murdering them and keeping their corpses as living dolls. When she's hired by Kat, a fledgling producer, the two instantly hit it off. As their relationship grows more intense, Mara begins to lose her already fragile grip on reality. When her dolls begin demanding all of her attention, and Kat threatens to break her heart, Mara spirals into psychosis, leaving her no choice but to kill again.

1h 26min | Horror

Stars: Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis, Blythe Danner
: Sean Mewshaw
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated