Romeo and Juliet, from hate to love (Roméo & Juliette: De la haine à l'amour) 2001

by Redha
10,000 LL
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Differences from Shakespeare's plot include that the nature of the lovers' deaths is different, depending on the production. New characters such as Death (French, Belgian, Japanese, Netherlands, and Moscow productions only) and the Poet (French production only) appear for dramatic effect. Lady Capulet has a greatly increased role and in the case of the Hungarian version, has an affair with her servant. The role of Tybalt has changed slightly from being purely dark to a more pitiful character because of his growing up with the hate and a dark childhood, as well as an unrequited attraction to Juliet.

2h 20min | Musical, Drama, Romance

Stars: Damien Sargue, Cécilia Cara, Grégori Baquet
: Redha, Gilles Amado
Language: French 
Subtitle: English
Rating: Not Rated