Pourquoi J'ai Pas Mange Mon Pere 2015

5,000 LL
SKU #Pourquoi j'ai pas mange mon pere DVD 26 French Cartoon*

Based on the novel 'Evolution Man' by Roy Lewis, this tells the story about the first man - young Edward - to descend from apes. Edward is ejected by his tribe, but is very resourceful. He learns to walk, discovers fire, manages to hunt - and we follow him as he evolves. He has a generous nature, and search for true humanity - a world where we don't eat our fathers.

1h 41min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Stars: Jamel Debbouze, Mélissa Theuriau, Arié Elmaleh
Director: Jamel Debbouze
Language: French
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated