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Buy 1 and pay 50% off 2nd item "non dvd items"
Buy 1 and pay 50% off 2nd item "non dvd items"

Min El Ghoul?

29,000 LL

Min El Ghoul ® is a role-playing game, simulating a fight between peasants (Fella7) and Ghouls in the village of KfarGhilan. The game includes several successive sessions or cycles, namely night cycles during which the Ghouls devour a Fella7, and Fella7s with special characters are active, and daytime cycles in which players try to identify and kill a Ghoul.


This person must know the rules of the game. It is preferable if the game master has already played “Min El Ghoul?”. It would be better If she/he is charismatic and experienced in addressing the masses.

Mixing and distributing cards:
The GM mixes the cards. She/he distributes them, face down and hidden, to the players. Players recognize their cards and make sure of their role and rights in the game by using the rules of the game and / or asking the GM, without revealing their identity to the other players.


Sleeping time
The GM starts the night cycle by asking all the players to close their eyes: " Once upon a time, in the old days, in KfarGhilan (the village of the Ghouls), peasants were terrified by the night of the Ghouls... Night and darkness spread-out through the land, it was rainy and cold, and the peasants fell asleep. All of you, close your eyes!".

Em L7af
After all players properly close their eyes, the GM wakes "Em L7af" up and says: "The village is asleep but Em L7af awakes (the player who has the Em L7af character card opens his/her eyes). Em L7af is excited to marry two players. Em L7af, choose the lovers!" Em L7af indicates two players to the GM, either by pointing a finger or by staring at them. When the GM identifies the two chosen players, Em L7af goes back to sleep. Em L7af may choose herself as one of the two lovers. Em L7af plays her role only once at the beginning of the game. She goes back to being a normal Fella7 (peasant) for the rest of the game afterwards.

The lovers
The GM awakes the two lovers in silence by touching them, and makes sure she/he walks past many players to avoid uncovering the lovers to the sleeping players. The two lovers recognize each other, silently, and return to sleep. Now the two lovers’ destiny is unified, whatever their characters cards are: if one of them is slaughtered or chosen to be executed, the other dies alongside her/him, from the unbearable pain of the loss...

The Bassara (the fortune teller)
After the return of the two lovers to sleep, and when all the players are still closing their eyes, the GM awakes the Bassara and says: "The village is asleep, but the Bassara wants to spy at night so she can fortune-tell when the sun rises (the player who has the Bassara character card opens his/her eyes). The Bassara has chosen a player she wants to know intimately.” The Bassara indicates to the GM the player whose card she wants to see, by pointing or staring at him/her. The GM opens the chosen player’s card and shows it discreetly to the Bassara, and makes sure to pass by multiple players in order to prevent them from knowing they have been “seen”. When the Bassara discovers the chosen player’s character, she goes back to sleep and the GM puts back the card in place. The Bassara plays her role every night session until she/he is killed or selected for execution or wins the game. The Bassara needs to be prudent and avoid being discovered by the Ghouls. Otherwise they would either slaughter her at night, or incite the other players during the day to vote for her to be killed...

The Ghoul(s)
After the Bassara goes back to sleep, and when all of the players are still closing their eyes, the GM awakes the Ghoul(s) and says: "KfarGhilan is sleeping profoundly, but in the darkness the hour of the Ghouls has come ! (Players with the Ghoul(s) character awaken, and identify each other silently). Ghouls will smell a prey, jump on it and slaughter it! ". Ghouls agree silently on a victim, and indicate her/him to the GM by finger pointing. The GM identifies the prey, and asks the Ghouls to go back to sleep. The Ghouls play their part every night session, until the last of them is either voted against during the day cycle, or killed by the Se7ra, or killed by the Sayyad, or killed alongside her/his lover, or wins the game.

The Se7ra (The witch)
After the return of the Ghouls to sleep, when everyone is asleep, the GM awakes the Se7ra and says: "The Se7ra noticed fishy movements in the darkness... wake-up witch, and save the victim from death if you wish!" The GM indicates the victim to the Se7ra, so she can choose to save her/him by using her life elixir (the Se7ra points her thumb up) or leave the prey to die (thumb down). After that, the GM asks the Se7ra "Do you have doubts about a player being a Ghoul to poison him or her?” The witch chooses to use the deadly poison (She points silently to a player whom she thinks is a Ghoul), or leave the deadly mixture to another session. The Se7ra goes back to sleep. The witch can play her role every night session until the death poison and the life elixir are both used once, or until she is killed or selected for execution or wins the game. The witch is entitled to use the elixir of life on herself, if she hasn’t used it before. After dispatching her elixir and poison one time each, the witch becomes a normal Fella7 (peasant).

The Jara (the neighbor)
The Jara is a Fella7 who has the right to discreetly open her eyes to spy on the Ghouls during their night turn. The Jara uses this information during the day to help the peasants against the Ghouls. The Jara must spy very discreetly to avoid being caught by the Ghouls. She needs to be prudent during the day turn to avoid revealing herself to the Ghouls, who would then kill her at night, unless she has seen all the Ghouls...

Awakening and announcement of the dead and / or the survivor of death

After the night session, the GM asks everyone to open their eyes, and announces who died during the night, and whether he/she were eaten by the Ghouls and/or killed by the witch and/or died from sorrow for the lover who is killed… The GM also indicates if anybody was saved by the witch. Finally, the GM announces the start of the discussion stage.

Players discuss the past turns events. They try to convince others that they have a specific role (typically Fella7, or a special character). The discussion is typically full of accusations and lies, telling the truth, coups, doubts, etc. until the GM decides that it is time for a vote. (Discussion phase should last for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the number of players, level of heat, the judgment of the GM). It is strictly forbidden for the dead of previous sessions to speak or express opinions or hints to players in order to maintain the thrill of the game.

The GM asks everyone to vote together at once after counting to three, by pointing to the player they want executed. The death sentence is carried out against the player who receives the largest number of votes. The player opens his/her card and shows it to everyone. The executed player shall not speak or express an opinion or hint to the players until the end of the game. To avoid cheating, any person who doesn’t vote when the time comes is considered by the GM voting against themselves.

The Sayyad (the hunter)
The Sayyad is a Fella7 who, when the majority votes for his execution, or when the Ghoul choose to have him killed, is entitled to kill on the spot any other player whom he/she suspects to be a Ghoul. After opening his card, the Sayyad immediately chooses another player and fires at him/her the bullet of mercy.

When the day is over, the players return to sleep at the request of the referee, and the night cycle starts again.

And so on, until one of three camps wins:

· Ghouls are victorious if they kill all the Fella7s and the special characters;

· Fella7s are victorious if they kill all the Ghouls;

· The 2 lovers are victorious if they are the last 2 players to survive, whatever their characters are.