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Mad Money 2008

5,000 LL
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With their house repossessed, her husband recently downsized and the debts in bank rapidly piling up, Bridget Cardigan, a rich housewife, after nearly thirty years of high-class living, needs to start from scratch and look for a job. As a result, Bridget, having no other choice, she will accept a job as a cleaner at the Kansas City Federal Reserve where, much to her surprise, an unsuspected, yet serious flaw in the security system exists. Suddenly, Bridget is tempted to return to her good old life, and without delay, she hatches a daring plan to get her hands on the mounts of worn-out cash with the help of two eager co-workers, Nina and Jackie. However, there is no such thing as a fail-proof scheme.

2 nominations.

1h 44min | Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Stars: Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes
: Callie Khouri
Language: English
Subtitle: English | Arabic
Rating: PG-13