Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 4 2009

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In Season 4 with Reverend Magee's departure from Mercy comes his replacement, Reverend William Thorne. Reverend Thorne is dismayed with his new assignment in many ways: that Mercy is not exactly a bustling metropolis, that the size of the Anglican congregation is small, but most specifically the fact that the Mercy Mosque is located in the church. He can't do anything about the size of Mercy, but he can work on the latter two issues. He does his best to make sure that Amaar is not only aware that he and the mosque are unwelcome in the church, but that he considers Muslims as ...

4 wins & 17 nominations.

30min | Comedy

Stars: Derek McGrath, Sitara Hewitt, Brandon Firla
Creator: Zarqa Nawaz
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Unrated