Life During Wartime 2009

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Directed by Todd Solondz, this ensemble film tells the tale of a large dysfunctional family. Joy continues to have problems with her husband, Allen, and looks to her family for advice. A dead former boyfriend continues to try to win her heart from the great beyond. Joy's sister, Trish, meets a retiree whom she hopes will normalize her chaotic life. A third sister, screenwriter Helen, is full of bitterness toward both her family and her career. Their mother, Mona, wants absolutely nothing to do with men. And, ex-con Bill, Trish's former husband, wants to reconcile with their son. Life During Wartime is a pseudo-sequel to Solondz's Happiness with different actors playing the same characters from that earlier film.

3 wins & 8 nominations.

1h 38min | Comedy, Drama

Stars: Shirley Henderson, Allison Janney, Ally Sheedy
: Todd Solondz
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: R