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In the Flesh Season 2 2014

10,000 LL
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 A violent group calling themselves the Undead Liberation Army start committing atrocities, butchering train passengers which brings newly elected MP Maxine Martin to Roarton to declare that she will stamp out all PDS sufferers. After killing a rabid who has attacked the owner of the hotel where she is staying Maxine meets with Vicar Oddie who shows her a register of all the local PDs sufferers. There is a tussle and he collapses and Maxine takes the book for herself. Meanwhile Jem has an admirer in PDS sufferer Henry, whose mother claims he is psychic and Amy returns ...

5 wins & 4 nominations.

56min | Drama , Horror

Stars: Luke Newberry, Harriet Cains, Marie Critchley
Creator: Dominic Mitchell
Language: English 
Subtitle: English
Rating: TV-14