Helen of Troy 2003

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"The face that launched a thousand ships" was the centerpiece of this two-part TV miniseries, which invoked affectionate memories of the overblown Cecil B. DeMille epics of years gone by. Set in the 13th century B.C., the series starred Sienna Guillory as Helen, the Olympian-born, dazzlingly beautiful trophy wife of Sparta's King Menelaus. Unhappy in her "marriage of state," Helen yearned for the companionship of the gorgeous young man whom she had seen only in a vision: Paris, the Prince of Troy. As luck would have it, Paris managed to "abduct" Helen and spirit her off to his homeland, where she was welcomed by his father, King Priam, despite the portents of doom from Paris' foresighted sister, Cassandra.

Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 1 win & 6 nominations.

2h 55min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Stars: Emilia Fox, James Callis, Daniel Lapaine
: John Kent Harrison
Language: English
Subtitle: English | Arabic
Rating: PG-13