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Guess who (Lebanese version)

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120,000 LL

Your object is to guess the mystery person on your opponent’s card by asking one question per turn, and eliminating any faces that don’t fit the mystery person’s description.
Guess your opponent’s mystery person before your opponent guesses yours and you win.

2 wood game boards, 30 mystery cards, 60 face cards and face frames.

Each player chooses a game board. Place your game board on a flat surface. Set up all of your wood frames in their places. Your opponent does the same.
Shuffle the mystery cards. Choose one card at random and fit it into your mystery card slot so that your mystery person faces you. Your opponent does the same. Then place all unused mystery cards face down out of play. Sit facing your opponent, so that he or she can’t see the mystery person on your card.
Notice the differences among the 30 faces on your game board. Hair colors are different; some faces have beards, mustaches or big noses; some are wearing heads scarves, ties or glasses. As you play, you’ll notice several other differences among the faces.
The youngest player always goes first. On your turn, you may either ask a question, or guess who the mystery person is. But don’t use your turn to guess the mystery person until you’re ready. If your guess is wrong, you’ll lose the game! Rules for asking questions and guessing the mystery person are explained below.

Asking Questions:
Until you’re ready to guess who the mystery person is, ask your opponent one question per turn. Each question must have either a “yes” or “no” answer. For example, you may ask: “Does your person have white hair?” Your opponent must then answer either “yes” or “no.” After your opponent answers, you may be able to eliminate one or more of the faces. For example, if the mystery person has glasses on, flip down all the faces that have glasses. This leaves only the ones with no glasses on as the possible mystery person. After you ask a question (and flip down any faces you can), your turn is over.
Guessing the Mystery Person:
When you’re ready to guess who the mystery person is, make your guess on your turn, instead of asking a question. To guess the mystery person, say (for example), “The mystery person is Mr. Happy.” Your opponent must then tell you whether or not your guess is correct. If your guess is right, you win the game! If it’s wrong, you lose.
Winning the Game:
Players’ alternate turns asking questions, until one player makes a guess. If you guess correctly – or your opponent guesses incorrectly – you win the game!
If you wish to play a series of games, slide the scorekeeper up one point for every game you win. The first player to win five games is the champion.