Going Away (Un beau dimanche) 2013

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Baptiste is a solitary type. A teacher in southern France, he never stays more than three weeks in the same job. One Friday, he finds himself in charge of Mathias, one of his pupils, who hasn't been picked up after school. Mathias takes the boy to his mother, Sandra. She's a beautiful woman who has led a bit of a wild life and who now works on a beach near Montpellier. Within a day, the trio have formed a bond, like the beginnings of a family for these three people who don't have one. But the magic doesn't last. Sandra owes money and if she doesn't pay up something dire could happen. She must hit the road, flee once again. To help Sandra, Baptiste must take a look back at the origins of his own life, at the most painful and secret parts of himself.

2 nominations.

1h 35min | Drama

Stars: Pierre Rochefort, Louise Bourgoin, Dominique Sanda
: Nicole Garcia
Language: French
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated