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Fleming Season 1 2014

15,000 LL
SKU #Fleming Season 1 (2D Bluray)*

Set at the outbreak of WWII – mischievous playboy Ian Fleming is untroubled by the specter of impending war – chasing women, collecting rare books and living off his family fortune. Forever in the shadow of his brother Peter, and an eternal disappointment to his formidable mother Eve, Fleming dreams of becoming the ‘ultimate’ man – a hero, a lover, a brute and the one who always gets the girl. He is finally given some direction in his life when he’s recruited by the Director of Naval Intelligence to help in the effort against the Nazis. Suddenly, Fleming finds his chance to shine and prove his worth.

Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy

44min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Stars: Dominic Cooper, Lara Pulver, Samuel West
Creator: John Brownlow
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Rating: TV-MA