CopyCat 2016

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After 16 years of servicing the printing needs of the community, Copycat will be closing its doors. On the final day of business the store manager, Sam, leads his crew on a crazy and unpredictable day. The staff will entertain a cast of interesting customers. During this final day they will encounter two wanna-be rappers that have had an unfortunate experience with a tattoo artist, a pair of local celebrity Cougars on the prowl, a waitress from "The Wiener Shack" who has a big secret, and a worthy challenger to Bob's karaoke crown. Lyssa, the copier tech, will spend the day in the center of the mayhem as she breaks down the equipment...

1h 30min | Comedy

Stars: CJ Wostal, Kevin Machate, Josh Pack
: Kevin Cook, Todd Rodgers
Language: English | Spanish
Subtitle: English 
Rating: Not Rated