American Crime Season 1 2015

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The first season of this anthology crime drama focuses on the aftermath and investigation of the murder of a veteran, Matt Skokie (Grant Merritt), and brutal assault of his wife, Gwen (Kira Pozehl). The story centers around the impact of the event on the victims' families, as well as the suspects and their loved ones. Matt's parents, Barb (Felicity Huffman) and her estranged ex-husband Russ (Timothy Hutton), struggle to cope with their son's death while relentlessly seeking to bring his killer to justice. They also clash with Gwen's parents, Tom (W. Earl Brown) and Eve (Penelope Ann Miller), as they endure the legal investigation and discover dark secrets about their children along the way. The narrative also follows the lives of the various suspects and examines the racial tensions that are prevalent within the legal system. The cast also features Richard Cabral, Caitlin Gerard, Elvis Nolasco, Benito Martinez and Johnny Ortiz.

Nominated for 5 Golden Globes. Another 14 wins & 83 nominations.

43min | Crime, Drama

Stars: Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, W. Earl Brown
Creator: John Ridley
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Rating: TV-14