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+961 76 860 194 🛵 We are delivering from 10AM to 6PM

African Black Soap

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African black soap. It is considered one of the best detergents in general for the body or the face. It is made up of many dilators and useful ingredients which are abundant in nature. Although the materials can be found all over the world, however, the black soap, especially the African, is manufactured in Africa by hand, where it has not been provided with manufacturing tools, the best African species are mobilized, and black beans have many benefits:

Acne Remedies: Acne is not caused by pollution that comes from nature 'or the atmosphere but is due to the release of excessive oils from the body, and ordinary soap can soften these oils but black soap is considered a facial cleanser and eliminates the effects of acne and eliminates scars.

Helps to remove skin irritation: Black soap helps to remove and relieve skin irritation and itching, for example rash.

Suitable for all skin types: Black soap can be used to treat problems on all skin types including dry, rough, oily and mild skin.

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