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2 Stupid Dogs Season 1 1993

15,000 LL
SKU #2 Stupid Dogs Season 1*

"Two Stupid Dogs" follows the lives of two dogs: the overly excited Little Dog (the dachshund) and easy-paced Big Dog (the sheepdog). These crazy canines don't know how to fit in the world, and they definitely don't have any know-how. They often find themselves in commonplace situations (going to the drive-in, walking through the mall, working on the farm), some not so common situations (stuck on a space shuttle, a contestant on a game show, getting mistaken for the prime minister) and even in some familiar situations (little red riding hood, Noah's ark, and Hanzel and Gretel). But no matter the situation, their stupidity usually leads them to calamitous results.

3 nominations

30min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Stars: Brad Garrett, Mark Schiff, Jess Harnell
Creator: Donovan Cook, Mark Saraceni
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: TV-14