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Captain America The Winter Soldier Headphones

by Marvel
200,000 LL
SKU 4715635285840

 If you are a fan of headphones, you must have heard of the Audio-technica iron triangle from Japan, the iron triangle is a long-established company with more than 50 years of experience, the first to produce MM dedicated to vinyl record In 1974, the first earmuffs earphones were launched in 1974 with the advice of the US branch president. I didn’t expect it to be a hit. The headphones introduced by the Iron Triangle are still in the fiercely competitive Japan, and still maintain the market share of the headset market. Good results. 

This earphone is designed in the earmuffs with the most representative shield shape of the US captain. It is made of a multi-layer composite composite case made of aluminum alloy. The metal effect instantly enhances the design texture of the earphone. . The multi-layer structure composite casing suppresses more vibrations, ensures a rich low-frequency air chamber structure, and the oval high-enclosed ear cushion enables the bass to be transmitted more efficiently, making listening to music a pleasure, just like a personal concert hall. The earphone headband can be freely set without stage adjustment, and it can be used freely. The rotary bearing mechanism of the earphone does not occupy the space inside the backpack, and it is convenient to carry away.