T'choupi Season 1 2004

T'choupi Season 1 2004

Jean-Luc François

Clovis Mahouden | Gwénaël Sommier | Samuel Holden
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Charley and Mimmo (pronounced Mi-moe) consists of a typical family (father, mother, son, and baby sister) in a suburban town. The son, Charley (and his subanthromorphic Teddy Bear Mimmo), are the main characters. Charley and his family and friends are anthropomorphic penguins (with round orange clown-like noses instead of beaks, and they live in a warm area rather than Antarctica.

52min | Animation, Family

Stars: Samuel Holden, Gwénaël Sommier, Clovis Mahouden
Creator: Jean-Luc François
Language: English
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated

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