Bonhomme 2018

Bonhomme 2018

Marion Vernoux

Ana Girardot | Béatrice Dalle | Nicolas Duvauchelle
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The life of Piotr and Marilyn, a young couple from the suburbs of Lille, will be upset after a car accident. Traumatized cranial, Piotr, if he keeps his physique advantageous, no longer has his whole head: sometimes tomcat apathetic, sometimes tawny in heat unbridled hypersexuality.
For Marilyn, convinced that his love for him can save him, it is the beginning of an epic conducted worthy that is worth and ass over head.

1h 43min | Drama, Romance

Stars: Nicolas Duvauchelle, Ana Girardot, Béatrice Dalle
Director: Marion Vernoux
Language: French
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: Not Rated

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