Strawberry Shortcake: Best Pets Yet 2004

Strawberry Shortcake: Best Pets Yet 2004

Judy Reilly

DeJare Barfield | Mark Bennett | Sarah Heinke
  • 5,000 LL

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Join your "berry" special friend, Strawberry Shortcake, for more delightful fun! Strawberry takes in a little lost dog named Pupcake, but her spoiled house cat, Custard, does everything to make the peppy puppy want to leave! Then sneaky Peppermint Fizz cheats so that her pet, Cola Chameleon wins a pet competition, only to learn that no one has to "Win" anything in order to be happy and have fun!

1h 4min | Animation, Family

Stars: Sarah Heinke, DeJare Barfield, Mark Bennett
Director: Judy Reilly
Language: English 
Subtitle: No Subtitle
Rating: G

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