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NABILNET is the leading high-end entertainment media retail store, focusing on Action Figures, Board Games, Gadgets, Snacks, Movies, and TV show DVDs.
It was established in 2001 as internet cafe and network gaming arena, soon to become one of the most visited multiplayer hub in Beirut.
During the first four years NABILNET maintained the elite customers from Beirut and the surrounding using bleeding edge technology at that time and it was built with healthy environment to meet the satisfaction of the young adults.

In 2006 we started selling video games CD’s, Movies and TV-Show DVDs earning our reputation in the DVD market.

In 2007 we launched our delivery service for the first time and it was rated as one of the fastest and most accurate delivery service in the city based our loyal customer's feedback.

In 2013 we made a major upgrade for the identity including new theme and decoration for the retail and we also pioneered the DVD market in Lebanon. We also included an extensive confectionery section featuring specialty products imported from all over the world, especially United States.

In 2017 we decided to enhance our customer's satisfaction by relocating the retail and approaching new items complimentary to the concepts like action figures, cool branded gadgets and many other items..
Our main service is the fast delivery across all Beirut where we got The Biggest movie and TV-Series collection in the region and the widest range of media DVD’s in the market
We are also specialized in tracking the latest and greatest in the world of TV shows and bringing it to Lebanon, where customers can get the latest episodes the same day they are aired in the USA.
From annual awards, workouts concerts to the latest to the top documentary, NABILNET, is the only one-stop-shop for everything TV in Lebanon.