SpongeBob Sea Side Story


Barbie & Her Sisters

 Alex Barima, Kathleen Barr :: Barbie and her sisters discover everythingâ€ôs better when you do it together in this splashy, sun-kissed adventure! After the girls and their pets arrive at an island paradise for Chelseaâ€ôs big dance competition, they decide to make a quick side trip to see the nearby Dancing Horse Festival.


Batman: Return of the Caped...

 Adam West, Burt Ward :: Batman and Robin are back in action to take down their fiendish foes  once again with original actors Adam West voicing Batman, Burt Ward  voicing Robin, and Julie Newmar voicing Catwoman.


Barbie Star Light...

 Erica Lindbeck, Robbie Daymond :: Barbie(TM) is a cosmic princess who flies high on her hoverboard through  a far-off universe with her adorable and devoted pet sidekick, Pupcorn.


Barbie Video Game Hero


Scooby-Doo! And WWE...

 Miroslav Barnyashev, Saraya-Jade Bevis :: It's pedal to the metal as Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the gang team up with  the superstars of WWE in this hi-octane, all-new original movie! When  Scooby and Mystery Inc.


Finding Dory


Space Dogs...

 Alicia Silverstone, Ashlee Simpson :: Get ready to blast off to an out-of-this-world adventure with canine  teenage astronaut, Pushok, who is determined to find his missing  astronaut father.


Peter Pan: The New Adventures

 Matt Hill (voice), Michelle Molineux (voice) :: Neverland, is in great danger! Captain Hook has hatched a twisted plan  to capture Peter and his friends. In order to keep Neverland safe from  Hook, the young heroes must fly head-on into adventure and protect their  right to never grow up!.


Teen Titans...


Izzie's Way Home


Sausage Party

 Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig :: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.


Ice Age: Collision Course

 Ray Romano, Denis Leary :: Manny, Diego, and Sid join up with Buck to fend off a meteor strike that would destroy the world.


The Nutcracker Sweet

 Alicia Silverstone, Edward Asner :: It is Christmas Eve and the Silberhaus children are excited for the festivities to begin.

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